Climate Change – The Science

Climate Change – The Science explores the fundamental elements that make up Earth’s climate system and addresses how we know what we do about climate change. This module introduces students to the physical components of natural and human-induced ‘anthropogenic’ climate variability, examines some of the predicted impacts of modern global warming, and asks students to consider practical solutions.

This module, students will –

  • be introduced to climate zones and why they are located where they are
  • learn about the birth of climate science as a discipline
  • examine how various human and natural systems are stressed by climate change
  • reconstruct changes in atmospheric greenhouse gases from real scientific data
  • establish how science is an essential tool in our quest to minimise harmful impacts of climate change

Climate change is the defining challenge of the Twenty-first Century. This module seeks to equip students with a rudimentary understanding of the scale and origins of this challenge and inspire them to seek an active stance as informed citizens.