Community partnership Corrib Beo has initiated a series of educational field trips as part of its mission to promote the sustainable development of the Lough Corrib catchment in the west.

During the first field trip, the Coláiste Iognáid students joined Stewart and Eco Advocate course leader Jen Cunningham on the banks of the waterway, where Stewart discussed the importance of engaging with the key environmental themes of biodiversity, climate change, circular economy and water/air Pollution.

A water quality sampling session was led by Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology marine biology students, Molly Curran and Joseph Donnelly.

Galway National City Park founder Brendan ‘Speedie’ Smith, who is a committee member and content contributor to EcoEd4All, also spoke to students about the importance of the circular economy and the Galway National Park City initiative.

All school enquiries for TY bookings on the EcoAdvocate scheme should email or phone 087 7660818.

Transition year (TY) students from Coláiste Iognáid participated in the first such field trip with architect, environmentalist and broadcaster Duncan Stewart.

The TY course, named Eco Advocates, is an initiative of EcoEd4All, the environmental pillar of Corrib Beo.

Corrib Beo is a coalition of communities, environmentalists and voluntary groups dedicated to the care protection and sustainable development of the Corrib, its catchment landscapes, rivers and canals.